Saturday, March 10, 2007

Science Fair a success!

Went to the science fair last night and had a great time. There were around 20 different displays, with a wide range of science topics covered, and all the kids were eager to check out each others work. N's clouded leopard display turned out very nicely, and we are thanful for papercutters and the computer! N. dictated everything to me as I typed it in. We also found some gorgeous photographs on the internet (made sure to document them all - had a good discussion about plagiarism and copyright infringment the other day!), and she labled those by hand.

In other news, A. has become a germophobe in the bathroom. For a while he wouldn't touch the toilet with his hand unless it had been cleaned in the last two days. Then he got to the point where he'd only use a fingertip to lift the lid. Tonight he decided to only use his foot to both lift the lid, AND to flush! So he's either OCD, or lazy - because he's actually trying to avoid handwashing altogether. ;P

Monday, March 5, 2007

Blogging anew

I'm switching over to this new blog site to see if it's more user-friendly than the last. I'm inspired by those folks who manage to journal each day, though I often wonder if the daily happenings are really worth writing about.

This week's mission: for N. to complete her science fair entry for Friday night's homeschool science fair. She chose to research Clouded Leopards, and is hoping to inspire some donations out of the folks in attendance. We'll see what happens. She actually got a fair amount done this morning.

We've all eaten lunch and are now taking a break. Then it's off to storytime at the library, and back home for N. to finish school. Little A. is distraught because the VCR/DVD player died this morning. Totally fine with me, but screws up his day to be sure! He's actually forgotten all about it for now, but once I drag sister away, I'm sure to get an earful!