Friday, March 6, 2009

I think we'll keep him

It must be something in the water around here, cuz both my kids have been losing teeth recently! Well, Little Brother has only lost the one, but Big Sister has now lost three in the past couple weeks. Two molars, and a canine (or whatever you call the sharp pointy ones when you're a human). The third one came out while she was eating ramen at lunchtime yesterday. She washed it off carefully, and tucked it into the pocket of her My Little Pony tooth fairy pillow for safekeeping until bedtime.

Unfortunately, the Momma of the house has been a bit under the weather the past couple of days. Last night I read to Brother, got him tucked in, and then decided to retreat to my own bed shortly past 8pm. I recall Sister coming in at some point. I know I read to her for a while, and then she left to be tucked in by Daddy. Then sometime later I remember waking up again to Sister curled up next to me. I think she was jabbing me with her finger. When I acknowledged her presence with a kind of muffled groan, she said "I forgot I lost a tooth today!", to which I replied "I forgot, too." In the fleeting seconds before I fell back to sleep, I had the brief cognizant thought that I should really do something about that later. And then I was out again.

Hours pass by, and Hubby is finally going to bed. He's trying to pry a limp 9 1/2 year old out of our bed. I decide to get up and walk her to her room to tuck her in. When I get there, I suddenly remember about the tooth fairy. Once Sister is settled, I slip my finger into the pocket of the pillow... and feel a round quarter! Magic!

It turns out that my Hubby totally rocks, and I do not give him nearly enough credit for just how totally awesome he is as a Daddy. He knew I wasn't feeling well, and correctly ascertained that I wasn't likely to remember my Tooth Fairy Duties, so he took care of it. Not only that, but I was surprised to find that he honored my inexplicable need to keep the kids' baby teeth. He didn't want to mess with my "system" so he placed her tooth in a ziplock baggie and hid it in one of my dresser drawers. I know that when he works such long hours it sometimes feels like he's out of touch with what's happening around here, but then he does these little things that let me know he's really trying hard.

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Six Green Zebras said...

Two thumbs up to the BIL! I'm glad I'm not the only one to keep teeth - though every time I do, I think of Grandma...